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Many Color Choices

We provide a wide selection of color yarns and inks in stock for various needs in producing labels, to meet customer desires and design colors.This is to satisfy customer demand and enable us to continue to produce without any hassle as soon as the sample is approved by our customers.

Mugrip MBJ


Rapier looms from the MBJ range is the world's most commonly used machine for label production, In fact this type of machine represents the only weaving system has been developed specifically and man-ufactured for the label market segment. The ultramodern machine is very flexible in delivering the right quantity. The electronic system is controlled up to 8 colors, producing a smooth and sturdy knit.


We use the latest technology and high-quality factor inputs in the manufacturing process so as to make our products very suitable for our customers.

Vaupel engine is the latest in its class engine, this type of machine has a digital warp sensor that controls up to 30 denier warp denier. This weaving machine has been modified professionally, has a wide dimension, resulting in more products. to meet the needs of our customers

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