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Double Sided

Woven Edge

Material      : Polyester Nylon

Using Field : Outdoor Gear or Outerwear.          

                      Garment, Shoes, Towel, doll, etc.

Technics      : Printed Machine

Texture        : The Material Is Difficult To Tear,

                      Weather Resistant, Smooth,                                    Waterproof

Feature       : Washable,Eco-Friendly                                            Certified As a Class 1                                              Product By STANDARD 100                                    by OEKO-TEX

Printed Double Sided

Woven Edge

     Woven Edge Satin Printed labels are made up of high quality ribbons and our double faced satin ribbon is top of the range, it gives a beautiful luxuries feel to it and making it easy to work with. Those tapes are woven edged to help prevent fraying when cut.

     If your requirement is for a quality satin material that can be easily sewn into clothes, this luxurious Satin material is beautiful and soft and smooth on the Leather. With beautiful patterned Woven Edge, this coated felt material is suitable for sewing Apparel / Garments. Printed Labeling is suitable for use in Dry Washing & Washing Machines. It is also suitable for high wash temperature. Durable is not easily damaged, not fade and most importantly very safe for the health of your customers.

      This label has a woven edge for a smoother edge, so it does not feel itchy when touching the skin. suitable for use on the inside of clothing or products that require the use of labels on the inside and very often in direct contact with the skin.

     This label has a smooth and soft texture and does not irritate the skin. Ideal for labeling treatments, logos or clothing.

     Usually the front side is used for product logos and maintenance labels or other information on the back side.


      The woven labels are fine for the skin and are perfect for baby or underwear applications. The edges of satin ribbons have a woven edge, eliminating the sharpness or impurity that can result from cutting the ribbon of clothing labels.

Getting a Print Our Labels is Easy

  • If you already have a design for your woven labels, please contact us at the address shown below. We offer competitive price, quality and fast delivery                                                                                                                                       

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  • We will always do our best to match them while maintaining our quality and standards.

Type of Fold

Hanging Up

Usually used inside the neck of clothing, or on the inside / outside of clothing, dolls or other products. the sewing room is tucked between two cloths and sewn.

Hanging Side

Usually used on the outside/inside of clothes, dolls or other products. the sewing room is tucked between two cloths and sewn

Not Sure ?

Absolutely fine.If you are not sure and still confused in determining type of folding, please consult to us, we will gladly give you a solution

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