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Printed Satin

Material      : Satin.

Using Field : Jacket, Athletic Shorts, Women's Wear,                          Nightgowns, Blouses, and Evening                                Dresses, Men's Shorts, Shorts, Shirts and                        Ties. Garment, etc.

Technics      : Printed Machine.

Texture        : Glossy, Smooth, Smooth Surface.

Feature       : Washable, Durable, Eco-Friendly                                    Certified As a Class 1                                                        Product By STANDARD 100                                              by OEKO-TEX

Custom Printed Satin

      Satin Apparel Labels are made of polyester-based materials. Satin is a weaving technique that makes the shiny / glossy fabric with smooth and smooth surfaces. These clothing labels are usually found in formal wear, blankets, underwear and baby clothes. The satin lingerie label is also excellent as a care and content label because of its sleek background that allows a high level of detail and small print.
Satin is commonly used in clothes: satin baseball jacket, athletic shorts, women's wear, nightgowns, blouses, and evening dresses, but also men's shorts, shorts, shirts and ties.

     Satin printed labels are considered a long-lasting option. Because satin clothing labels are made from polyester-based materials instead of natural fibers, they can withstand many cycles of washing and drying before any clothing begins to appear. Satin labels are best when applied to clothing after the garment has been dyed because the material can absorb the color if placed in the dye directly.

      The most recommended treatments for polyester fabrics are warm or cold washing machines, dry drops at low temperatures and, if necessary, iron at low temperatures. 

     The material is durable and soft plus economical too. For this reason, satin-printed labels are hard to beat. From the production side, they are easy to work with and very flexible.

      Produce well-printed images so you can get very small types on labels and still read. If your logo is really detailed then the printed satin label is the best to use because the material can capture the fine lines and small text.

Getting a Print Our Labels is Easy

  • If you already have a design for your woven labels, please contact us at the address shown below. We offer competitive price, quality and fast delivery                                                                                                                                       

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  • We will always do our best to match them while maintaining our quality and standards.

Type of Fold

Middle Folding Labels

Folding Edge Labels

Hot cut Labels

Typically used for neck labels on the back of jumpers and T-Shirts, the label is folded in the middle and sewn into the top seam of the garment.

Usually the rectangular label with the two longest ends is folded, then the folded sides are stitched.

Miteri folding Labels

Flat labels sewn on 4 edges.

Not Sure ?

A rectangular label with a 45 degree fold at each end, a label stitched on the top of the fold

Absolutely fine.If you are not sure and still confused in determining type of folding, please consult to us, we will gladly give you a solution

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