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Are there examples of label sizes ever made?

For those of you who just want to make a label or are still hesitant to determine the appropriate label size for your product.

Take it easy we have prepared sample labels that we have made, as a reference for

the size of the label that you will make.

Please click on this red text.

Why is there a price difference between one label and another ?

The difference in price on labels is due to differences in quality, size, number of threads (for woven labels) and number of color variants (for label printing).

The larger the label size, the more thread usage / color variants and the better the quality of the label, the higher the price of the label.

Prices from highest to lowest based on quality for woven products are:

1. Double-sided damask satin

2. Double-sided damask tafetta/polyester

3. One side damask tafetta/polyester

4. One side  satin

5. One side tafetta/polyester block

6. One side tafetta/polyester

Prices from the highest to lowest based on quality for printing products are:

1. Double-sided satin woven edge

2. One side satin woven edge

3. Double-sided satin

4. Double-sided nylon

5. One side Satin

6.  One side nylon

Note : press the blue writing for info and description

how many minimum order ?

Our minimum label order quantity for each type of label with the same design, size and quality we have provided in our online store.

Shopee     : Woven Print label

- Tokopedia : woven_print label

- Bukalapak : woven print label

The price of each order is adjusted to size, quality, density, even the yarn used (for woven labels) and the number of color variants (for label printing).

Note: press the blue text for the online store link

How long does it take to make a label ?

The length of time needed is 14 working days after the design is made and has been approved by the customer, apart from the length of day for delivery.

Time can change according to the description of the product in our online store or according to the agreement between us and you.

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