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Printed Nylon

Material      : Polyester Nylon

Using Field : Outdoor Gear or Outerwear.          

                      Garment, Shoes, Towel, etc.

Technics      : Printed Machine

Texture        : The Material Is Difficult To Tear,

                      Weather Resistant, Smooth,                                    Waterproof

Feature       : Washable,Eco-Friendly                                            Certified As a Class 1                                              Product By STANDARD 100                                    by OEKO-TEX

Custom Printed Polyester Nylon

      Nylon is another word for synthetic polymer families. It is a silk material that can be processed into fibers. The Nylon label is made of the fiber. Because nylon is a synthetic fiber The material is smooth and flexible. For some people, it feels like paper. However, the material is difficult to tear or tear. It is also very durable and weather resistant making it suitable for many common uses for care and content labels or for commercial and industrial use.

     The printed nylon clothing labels are made fine but they can also have a woven pattern so they can appear to be actual fibers. The waterproof nylon label and it makes it a great choice for outdoor gear or outerwear.

     The most recommended treatment for our nylon clothing labels is to wash warm or cold machines without bleach and fall dry on low.

The two-sided nylon dip label has a soft texture and does not itch on the skin, therefore this type of label is commonly used for products that require labels on the inside of clothing. Suitable for underwear, baby products, dolls, and so forth.

     The nylon clothing label usually begins as white or black. However, we can print nylon to match any color. We can also offer unlimited color imprint. The most common type of nylon print label is a white background with a black hue from your logo, words, care information, fiber content and even maintenance symbols. If you want colored nylon then you simply use Pantone chart or send us your artwork and we can print material to suit your needs. We can also print clothing labels with unlimited color. Since all the labels we create are special, there is no limit to the colors we offer.

     The nylon label is the most requested item when looking for a low cost alternative to care and content labels. The materials are durable and flexible plus economical too. For this reason, the printed nylon label is hard to beat. From the production side, they are easy to work with and very flexible. Everyone is familiar with the nylon label because we see it every day. When viewed closely, you can see the material is very smooth because nylon fibers are synthetic and easy to control.

Getting a Print Our Labels is Easy

  • If you already have a design for your woven labels, please contact us at the address shown below. We offer competitive price, quality and fast delivery                                                                                                                                       

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  • We will always do our best to match them while maintaining our quality and standards.

Type of Fold

Middle Folding Labels

Typically used for neck labels on the back of jumpers and T-Shirts, the label is folded in the middle and sewn into the top seam of the garment.

Folding Edge Labels

Usually the rectangular label with the two longest ends is folded, then the folded sides are stitched.

Hot cut Labels

Flat labels sewn on 4 edges.

Miteri folding Labels

A rectangular label with a 45 degree fold at each end, a label stitched on the top of the fold

Not Sure ?

Absolutely fine.If you are not sure and still confused in determining type of folding, please consult to us, we will gladly give you a solution

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